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VIDEO: David Dobrik Shotguns Beer Faster Than You

By this point in your life there's a good chance you know - or have heard of - popular YouTube star David Dobrik. His 4:20 vlogs running around LA, Vegas and who knows where else are action-packed thrill rides of comedy. Well, when we were tipped off that in his latest vlog in New York City he can be seen shogunning a beer "pretty fast"...we were suspicious and had to check it out.

Click play on the video below and you'll get a one-way ticket to shotgun city.

We are no longer suspicious. Somebody needs to get this man a BeerShark stat so we can take his shotgunning skills to world-class status. Wowzers.

We also timed it...looks like a 2.8-2.9 second send. Well done YouTube Shotgun King, well done.



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