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BeerShark® is dedicated to providing the finest beer drinking tools to the finest beer drinking connoisseurs. From years of fieldwork and thousands of janky shotgunning holes, our dedicated team has found a solution to the worst aspects of beer drinking; obtaining the perfect shotgunning hole, opening those damn non-twist off beer bottles, pulling can-tight tabs, and getting a river-like flow. The BeerShark® multi function tool has been designed, prototyped, perfected, and manufactured right here in Denver Colorado, since June of 2017.

Made In The USA

100% of our products are, and always will be manufactured in the USA. Because what's better than American Manufacturing AND shotgunning beers? Nothing. Grab some brews, grab some friends, and enjoy the greatest damn country on Earth.


We believe in environmental sustainability, which leads us to use 100% recyclable packaging. Even our beer openers can be recycled (although no one would ever want to toss out the greatest beer opener on Earth).

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