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Should Everyone Use Anti-Microbial Products?

*Disclaimer: This article is written with a bit of bias and a plash of humor as it highlights the uses of the GermShark while simultaneously informing readers about Anti-Microbial products*

Anti-Microbial and anti-bacterial products are taking the world by storm as COVID-19 sweeps across the world. As we all start to get a bit more nervous about door handles, doorknobs, toilet seats, and all of the other surfaces that a ridden with germs the question is brought up… should be super defenders of germs or let our bodies adapt to fight. Doctors go back and forth on this topic often and while it is not clear if we’ll ever have a definitive answer on the topic we can say (with a tad of bias) that defending yourself from surfaces that are known to have multiple sets of hands-on them every minute or hour is a great idea.

What Surfaces Should I Stay Away From?

Pin Pads

We’ve seen them at the liquor store, the convenience store, the gas station pump and more. We don’t know who has been filling up their car, buying booze, or buying some Doritos before us and touched those nasty buttons with their nasty fingers. Don’t take any chances. Use a GermShark instead.

Toilet Flushers

Toilets in general and definitely toilets in public places are germ-filled Petri dishes just waiting for a human host. Sound gross and almost as it came out of a horror movie? Well, that’s exactly what you’re walking into when you walk into a public restroom especially at a bar. Stop touching that nasty flusher and use the GermShark instead. Not just because we created the GermShark but because we care about your health. Well, and no one likes someone will poop on their hands.


Well… they’re really not all that bad but the GermShark has a bottle opener on it so we wanted to toss that functionality in there.

Door Knobs

Doorknobs are few and far between with their more advanced brother entry device, the door handle, taking the world by storm. If you find yourself faced with the fork in the road of risking getting germs all over your hand or finding another door with a more reasonable handle to enter with… do the latter.

Door Handles

Ah yes, the door handle. We see them everywhere we go and some of us use them to get into and around in our homes on a daily basis. THey’re nasty, especially those that can be found in a public restroom. If you’re lucky enough to have a GermShark on your keychain… whip that thing out the handle a tug and then swap your foot into finish the job for germ-free entry. If you don’t have a GermShark, however, well get one so you don’t get ya hands all nasty next time.

Beer Coolers

So you’re headed to the convenience store, you make it to the door and lucky for your someone held the door for ya! Incredible. You can now go about your business shopping without touching that germ-covered entry device they call a door handle right? Wrong. Now you’re at the beer cooler where nasty freshly 21-year-old college kids and their horrible hygiene habits have been slinging the door open left and right all day. Luckily (if you have one) you can bust out your GermShark and go about your business by using it to swing open the cooler door. If you don’t have a GermShark… well… good luck.

Electronic Signature Pens

“Sign Please” is a common phrase to have muttered to you as you check out at a retail location that you frequent. Then the retail associate either hands you a ballpoint or electronic signature pen… covered in germs.

Elevator Buttons

Up and down and up and down. Whether they’re in your apartment complex, a hotel, a casino, or anywhere those buttons get pushed by so many nasty random hands it’s not even funny. You don’t need to disinfect them, you don’t need to take the stairs (although that would be great for your health) but you CAN use the GermShark if you’ve got one and use it to push the button to the elevator on the outside and inside without subjecting yourself to all that nastiness.


The bottom line is that there are germs everywhere, were going to come into contact with them, and all we can do to better protect ourselves is try to avoid high germ areas as best as we can… and stay healthy, eat right, have a badass immune system and a whole slew of other things. All jokes aside, the GermShark wasn’t developed for the germaphobe but it was developed for people who want to limit their touchpoints with germ dense objects throughout the day. Your phone gets covered in germs due to all of the nasty things you subject your hands to throughout the day. With the GermShark, you can limit those touchpoints a TON. Check out the anti-microbial GermShark Multi-Tool here and if it seems like something you’d use… grab one today! Available on Amazon as well here.

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