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How Can We Stay Safe From Germs As Lockdowns Are Lifted?

Donald Trump and the COVID-19 task force that was sprung into action to fight the outbreak of this coronavirus over the past few weeks has announced a plan to re-open America in the coming weeks and months. As these eased lockdowns loom the new questions that arise are how to stay safe, how to defend yourself, and how to go about our “normal” daily lives as the country attempts to get back to normal. Here, we’ll go through a couple of techniques you - and those around you - can practice to help defend yourself - and those around you - from contracting this coronavirus and other viruses.

Basic Hygiene

This one is and should feel like a no-brainer, but for some reason, it took a global pandemic for the world to remember how to wash their hands and clean common germ contracting surfaces. These surfaces include doorknobs, door handles, pin pads, and more.

Stay Home When You’re Sick

Stay home if you’re feeling sick, even if you just feel a little “off” as well. Asymptomatic individuals are super-spreaders of viruses as it is, so we don’t need extra “kind of sick” people cruising around coughing on their friends and families. This one shouldn’t take any more explaining than that.

Use Anti-Microbial Products

Well, okay yeah… this one is a little bit biased because we sell a badass product with a lot of badass capabilities. It’s called the GermShark and its anti-microbial makeup is thanks to the use of brass and a CNC machine. Read more about this product, snag one for you, your friends, and family members here.

Continue Practicing Social Distancing

We all want to run back into the arms of our friends and loved ones, but it is incredibly important to keep in mind that there is no on and off switch on a global pandemic like we’re facing today. Continue to abide by the guidelines of the city, state, and federal officials that are looking out for the best interest of their citizens.

Bonus: Why GermShark?

It’s pretty obvious, but in case you haven’t noticed or read any of our other articles on anti-microbial products or germ-fighting multi-tools we are the manufacturers and creators of the GermShark and the BeerShark. Both of these products are geared towards helping solve problems for people who like to enjoy time and drinks with friends. Our newest innovation, the GermShark, is manufactured from the anti-microbial material brass which helps eliminate threats from viruses, bacteria, and yes, COVID-19 and coronavirus. No, the GermShark can’t save you from contracting the virus, but it can set you up to fend off the virus by saving you from touching pin pads, electronic signature styluses, elevator door buttons, and more.

We’re living in strange times, but the best thing we can do right now is set ourselves up for success by following not only the simple steps laid out in this article but plenty of the other guidelines set by qualified persons. Practice good hygiene, social distancing, and buy a GermShark here or check it out on Amazon… because when you do you’ll be supporting bartenders due to the fact a portion of the proceeds from every sale will go to support our local service industry workers.
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