Spring Break Preparedness

February 23, 2019 1 min read

Spring Break Party Tool

Spring break is near...are you prepared? Nine out of ten spring breakers will be ill-equipped for partying this spring. Here's your chance to be the inspector gadget of beer drinkers. Whether you're shotgunning Natty's, ripping Rona's open, pulling tabs, or puncturing the top of your can for better flow, the BeerShark will ensure that all of your beer drinking needs are exceeded. Oh, did we mention that they're made in the USA? Check out our Spring Break Party Pack; two sharks of your choice, two koozies, and a handful of BeerShark decals. Give the second shark to your degenerate friend to keep them from blowing their teeth out on a Rona, or keep it for yourself to replace yours when you lose it in the depths of the Caribbean.